J.J. Hinrichsen S.A. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Founder Jürgen Joachim (Jorge Joaquín) Hinrichsen born in Lübeck (Germany) 2.9.1915, who, after 3 years of practical apprenticeship at the Hamburg import and export trading company of Eduard Ringel & Co., was contracted in 1938 to work as a junior clerk with the grain, feeding stuff and vegetable oils exporters Pablo Hadra Ltda, at Buenos Aires, Argentina.

After almost 18 years with the same company, he started on January 1st, 1955, as a broker. In consequence of the constant growth of the oil seed production and industrialisation, the work of the broker firm increased accordingly.

Until 1985, the activity was limited to intermediation within Argentina, whilst since then, through the incorporation of his younger son, Thomas J. Hinrichsen, it was extended on a global basis.

Specialized in vegetable Oils, Meals, Oilseeds,besides Byproducts, and, since 1997, in Grains.

Since 1955 serving the transparency of the market